Deploy VPNaaS in openstack liberty

Clarifying about the VPN agent and L3 agent for the reference implementations...

There is a hierarchy for the agents. At the bottom is the FW agent. The L3 agent, is a subclass of the FW agent, using a flag to indicate that FW is enabled. The VPN agent is a subclass of the L3 agent. As a result, there is only ONE agent process started. If you want VPN, you select the VPN agent, which includes all the functionality of the L3 agent (and FW, if flag selected in the code).

so, when you install neutron-vpn-agent with apt-get in ubuntu os, it will remove l3 agent automatically.

1, install command:

apt-get install neutron-vpn-agent neutron-plugin-vpn-agent

2, configuration
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Sahara tutorial for openstack Liberty and Mitaka

Sahara tutorial for openstack liberty and mitaka

This tutorial includes following parts:

  • sahara installation
  • cluster configuration
  • job configuration
  • run map reduce job

Before you start, you should have an openstack cluster working fine on Ubuntu 14.04

Perform all those steps on openstack controller node, in my environment, controller node

hostname is controller1.
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Ansible error “failed to resolve remote temporary directory from”

ansible ssh error,”failed to resolve remote temporary directory from”


diff -r /Users/drew/Code/ansible-old/plugins/connection/ /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/ansible/plugins/connection/
<         if in_data:
<             cmd = self._build_command('ssh',, cmd)
<         else:
<             cmd = self._build_command('ssh', '-tt',, cmd)
>         cmd = self._build_command('ssh',, cmd)
<         self._connected = False
\ No newline at end of file
>         self._connected = False

Writing gui for Shaun OS

I haven’t updated Shaun OS for a long time because lots of things need to be done for my new job. In last year, i changed my job and went into a new cloud-compute company.

For my os project, I am writing a new user interface for my os currently, until now, i just wrote three components, window, label and editbox.  take a look at it.


and the os project will go on. Here is a video. please switch your browser if you can not watch the video.


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