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Rabbitmq Server cluster docker images for openshift origin platform

Build rabbitmq cluster docker images for openshift origin platform.
Down load docker file tarball rabbitmq.tar, and cd rabbitmq, run

docker build -t rabbitmq . 

after build process is done, tag the images built with rabbitmq:v002

docker images

docker tag image-id rabbitmq:v002

and then deploy a rabbitmq-server cluster in openshift origin platform. we should create a serviceaccount rabbitmq, and add it with anyuid scc.

oc create serviceaccount rabbitmq
oc adm policy add-scc-to-user anyuid -z rabbitmq

deploy it

oc create -f rabbitmq.yaml

Sahara tutorial for openstack Liberty and Mitaka

Sahara tutorial for openstack liberty and mitaka

This tutorial includes following parts:

  • sahara installation
  • cluster configuration
  • job configuration
  • run map reduce job

Before you start, you should have an openstack cluster working fine on Ubuntu 14.04

Perform all those steps on openstack controller node, in my environment, controller node

hostname is controller1.
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