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openshift origin multi-master manually deployment part-5

8,deply route and docker registry service.
deploy a router, running on three master nodes

oadm policy add-scc-to-user hostnetwork -z router
oadm router router --replicas=3 --selector='region=infra' \

deploy docker registry running on node1, on node1:

mkdir -p /opt/openshift-registry
chown 1001:root /opt/openshift-registry

on master1, deploy docker registry service and secure it:

oadm registry --service-account=registry --mount-host=/opt/openshift-registry --selector='region=primary'
oadm policy add-scc-to-user privileged system:serviceaccount:default:registry
oc create route passthrough --service docker-registry -n default 

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Openshift origin multi-node installation guide

in this tutorial, i will describe how to deploy an openshift multi-node cluster manually.
before we start, let’s clarify some basic requirements and deployment topology.

one master node, virtual box vm, 2 cores + 2G mem + 20G disk
two nodes, virtual box vm, 2 cores + 2G mem + 20G disk

master hostname: master.openshift.shaunos.com ip address:
node1 hostname: node1.openshift.shaunos.com ip address:
node2 hostname: node2.openshift.shaunos.com ip address:

All three vms with centos 7.2(1511) minimal installation are on the same subnet, static ip address.

for openshift oauth, i use anypassword auth plugin
for openshift network, i use sdn muilti-tenant plugin

Okay, let’s start

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