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openshift origin multi-master manually deployment part-1

i have deployed an openshift origin muliti-master cluster successfully on centos and suse enterprise server.
Since the deployment is done manually, i will describe it in detail as possibly as i can.

first, take a whole view of architecture,
we have three master nodes, all of them are in active state. the number of nodes is according to your cluster size. we do not need a lb node, so no haproxy is needed. we setup a VIP floating in three master nodes. for this architecture, no loadbanlance muchinasm is provided, but it is okay for high availibilty. If you realy need a loadbanlance, it is easy to deploy one after the whole cluster is up.

next, for deployment environment.
three master nodes, based on centos minimal installation, with static ip address.
hostname: ip address

i will break this deployment into four parts.
part1: deploy named, keepalived, and docker
part2: deploy master service
part3: deploy etcd cluster with ssl enabled
part4: deploy node service
part5: deploy router and docker registry service

okay, let’s start.
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