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Monasca installation and configuration guide

In this tutorial, i will describe how to setup monasca components in detail. Before we start, something needs to be confirmed:

  • All the components of monasca can be installed on one node, such as on openstack controller node, or you can deploy it in multi-nodes. In this tutorial, i will install monasca-api in a new VM created in my openstack cluster, which has a floating ip associated. Monasca-agent was installed on controller node. The agent node post metrics to api node through floating ip. the are in the same sub net.
  • All the user name and password in this tutorial is monasca and qydcos. change it to yours.
  • the installation will be performed on ubuntu 14.04 openstack Mitaka version, for liberty, special settings must be made and be described later.
  • All the file related in this tutorial are here, clone it before you start.

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